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Connecting Sober and Sober Curious Women: sober women’s podcast, support group and blog

I want you to understand that no matter what is done to you or said to you, no matter what collapses around you, no matter how useless your efforts appear, you can stay sober. But the truth is the trappings that I had built up over my drinking life of, you know, over abundance, I mean, so much of that was kind of me compensating for fear, right? So I needed to give them really fancy nice wine, right? I mean, it’s that fundamental, very childish anxiety that I held on to probably and stunted myself in terms of my own growth as a human. I was still thinking like a 17 year old at age 30, 39, right, like hosting these ridiculous dinner parties to get people to like me or whatever.

  • And we realize that’s not how we want to feel.
  • Is a memorable way to end each episode.
  • Each Thursday, join Cynthia, a Brooklynite in her 30s as she adjusts to being sober (it’s a thing) while navigating this crazy thing called life…one day at a time.
  • Addiction has been a part of host Duane Osterlind’s life from the age of seventeen.
  • God grant us the serenity because this ain’t your Momma’s 12 step meeting.
  • So let me tell you about an alcoholic.

The more you drink, the higher my dividends go. Every three months I get a check from you. I had to discover ways to live without alcohol, uncover lost feelings and deep desires. I found new passions, activities and rewards. I had to radically change my view regarding how I respect alcohol, other people and how I approach social dealings. During my first year of sobriety I attended 100+ meetings at 4 different locations. I heard the same stories of desolation over and over again.

Breaking Free: Your Recovery, Your Way

These podcasts are regular, inspirational reminders that recovery is possible and you won’t have to do it alone. Yeah, you know, I always like to go back to what I thought was kind of the end, you know, when I decided to stop drinking, it was like, Well, goodbye, fun. You know, like, I’ll never see you again. And what’s the point of ever going to a concert again, like that was, I distinctly remember thinking that, and because, you know, we talked a lot about the before. And I don’t just mean you and I, you know, in general, we talk a lot about people’s stories of, you know, before and how you hit rock bottom and all this stuff. And now, I’m going to do that tomorrow night for the second time in two weeks.

  • When I step back to look at my life, I have to admit that I have been blessed with my fair share of good luck.
  • Host Duane Osterlind has been in the recovery space since age 17.
  • And today I’m here with a special guest and fellow redhead from Canada.
  • And now every time I see something like that on BFB, if I go in and take a look, I always, you know, post “Yep.

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The Addicted Mind

He’d also been developing a number of tools that helped to manage his anxiety and emotions that previously he had used alcohol to cope with. The Boca House of Men blog is an updated resource outlining the benefits of sober living, recovery and the learning how to rejoin the world after addiction. Follow this blog to get information on support and care for people who recover after addiction. At our Asheville sober living & recovery residences, sobriety is never boring. Engage in positive and fun activities together on a daily basis. Check out the Real Recovery blog.

The only thing I am recovering from is my own mistakes. And just because I no longer drink doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. I still fuck-up plenty of things, but at least I’m sober when I make those mistakes. So I credit AA with being my catalyst to developing my own plan and using my own willpower to stay sober for more than 7-1/2 years. Not ever being able to get high, buzzed or drunk again sucks, however, the rest of my life doesnt suck. This is a very strange position to be in. I liked getting drunk, smoking pot, doing narcotics and taking the occasional pill.


Life is not filled with flowers, fuzzy bunnies and the sun does not shine out of your ass just because you quit drinking. The more you drink the more money I make. Not because you’ll eventually buy one of my books (believe me I don’t make shit off a book sale), but every time sobriety sucks you open a Budweiser, Coors or Miller product – I get paid! Every time you pour another glass of Yellow Tail wine, Crown, Cuervo, Bombay, Captain, virtually any alcohol – I get paid! Think about that the next time you drink – you’re giving your money to an asshole like me.

living sober sucks podcast

Install a moment in your week that will be your time to spend on your own, away from the stress of sober and daily life. It can be in the bathroom, pampering yourself with a hot bath, a facial mask a manicure. Or a walk in the forest to reconnect with nature.

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I know my addictive, all-or-nothing personality, and telling myself I can stop for a while and then set limits once I start again does not work. I’ve exhausted the options, made the excuses, and fiercely embraced the denial with a warm, tight hug every single time. Look, I’m not going to try and talk you into quitting drinking. I don’t care if you drink your nights, weekends or your life away – YOU have to care.

  • And nothing bad will happen by you stopping to drink – you can always start again.
  • I got married young, I owned a small business, and was a normal drinker for a long time.
  • This site is dedicated to those who want to stop drinking and live a normal life – sober.
  • I’m so excited you’re here for this episode of the podcast.
  • I’m Sondra Primeaux and I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a maker, and an idealist.
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